Secure eBook delivery made simple. iManuscript is a complete digital publishing solution for publishers and distributors. As a digital rights management solution integrated with Adobe Content Server, we secure and deliver in both PDF and ePUB file formats, making your digital publications available worldwide with support for all popular media platforms. Our low cost, high reward approach to online publication and distribution makes iManuscript one of the leaders in its class for small to medium sized businesses. Whether you have one book or one thousand, our integrated solutions and services help transport your secured content worldwide with higher returns than competing software providers. With iManuscript, you retain control over the complete flow of information, right down to how and when the files can be viewed, individual device access, and copy and print permissions. All with industry standard security to protect against the threats of illegal duplication and piracy.

Digital Rights Management

Powered by Adobe Content Server software, iManuscript provides a robust server solution that digitally protects your PDF and ePub eBooks for use with Adobe Digital Editions software along with all supported media platforms, including mobile devices, tablets, and eReaders. In addition, a set of flexible and fully customizable permissions allows you to assign custom copy, print, and expiration permissions to your eBook files.


iManuscript copy protects all of your downloadable eBooks for use with Adobe Digital Editions software, as well as dozens of other compatible devices.


Set custom printing permissions/restrictions and configurations for your users. Choose between restricting eBook printing entirely, leaving your content unrestricted, or specifically setting the number of printable pages allowed within a given timeframe.


Expiration of permissions allows you to make your content available to users for a specified length of time. Upon termination of the expiry license, the content may be renewed or it will be returned by the purchaser to the lending institution.

The eBook Advantage

Our services help you create and secure your digital content for distribution, giving your company access to new consumers, markets, and mediums including:

New Consumers

A new generation of technologically proficient individuals with a preference for electronic formats as well as readers who want access to content wherever they go, be it on their phone, tablet or computer.

New Markets

Remote access to worldwide markets where similarly themed publications are not readily accessible.

New Opportunities

Businesses and libraries looking to increase efficiency and reduce overhead through electronic backups and services.

Online Bookstore

Whether you are new or experienced to e-commerce or electronic publications, we make it simple and easy to publish your books in an organized bookstore, fully customizable to meet your business needs.

Sales and Opportunities

Track top selling books and popular customer locations to stay ahead of the curve in analyzing your market and acting on opportunities for further growth and development.

The iManuscript Cloud Library

From the office to the car, to everywhere else, iManuscript’s integration with Adobe Content Server software allows your users to take their books anywhere so they can get their content exactly where they need it. In addition, a fully customizable set of permissions allows you to restrict device settings and publication print settings to fully protect your intellectual property.

Perfect for Small to Medium sized ventures

Whether you publish or distribute one book or one thousand, iManuscript provides comprehensive support that will help you get your books the attention they deserve, with direct support from our engineers and technicians when you need it.

No overhead, inventory, or licenses

Start selling your secured and protected eBooks today. We handle all the back-end and IT services, with no Adobe Content Server license or software management required on your end.

Use in any industry

Utilize the increased flexibility, low cost, and multi-purpose functionality of eBooks in the delivery of legal, medical, sci/tech, business, and educational products in electronic formats. Curious as to how our services could help? Contact us.

iManuscript API

Our services are designed to complement your company’s existing eBook infrastructure. Whether you need a bookstore built from the ground up, or are just looking for XML web services to run everything behind the scenes, we provide all the tools and support for you to make the switch to e-commerce and digital content.


Have peace of mind as our iENGINEERING team is here to help you in every single step of the way as we cruise along. Needless to mention, direct phone inquiries and e-mail support is available 24/7.


At iManuscript, we believe in the availability of eBooks to everyone. Let us help you reach the largest audience in the most secure, fast, and affordable way possible.

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