Why Choose iManuscript?

iWrapper aims to provide “top of the line technology in Digital Rights Management for the security of your content”.

iWrapper can secure your digital content and limit or restrict its viewing or printing options for an unlimited or a limited term. It can allow distribution of content by limiting the number of viewers or limiting the number of prints that can be taken of that publication. Limit can be put on the viewers by expiration date i.e. by setting a particular date for expiration or selecting the number days after which the document will expire within the time limit that is set. iWrapper also offers Digital signing technology which is unique and improves the security level i.e. If the code is tampered in any way the digital signature will break which will alarm the end user not to trust that data.

Great service and cost effectiveness of the packages offered is the reason why people choose iWrapper for Digital Rights Protection of their content.

iManuscript delivers an unparalleled service and user experience for publishers and distributors which is:


Never worry about your intellectual property falling into the wrong hands. State of the art security protocols prevent unauthorized duplication of your material.


Instantaneous exchanges of documents and publications worldwide allow you to gain access to a global marketplace.


Get your books where you need them. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and eBook readers are all covered. Don’t already run a store? We’ll do it for you.


Our distributor portal allows for complete customization of your bookstore allowing you to set yourself apart from all the rest.

Easy to Use

Fully customizable options that offer on-the-fly changes to settings, configurations, and all the tools you need to manage your books.


Features, features, features! Social media advertising, book lending options, and much more allow you to attract and tailor the right products and services for your customers.


We don’t take enormous percentages of your profits. That lets you sell your book for less and make more.

Print on Demand

 iManuscript is the only solution that provides the ability to print-on-demand along with making your publications available in eBook formats.

In Your Control

You call the shots. Everything from pricing and availability down to distribution.

Peace of Mind

Our expertise in IT and eBook infrastructure lets you do what you do best: Focusing on content.


At iManuscript, we believe in the availability of eBooks to everyone. Let us help you reach the largest audience in the most secure, fast, and affordable way possible.

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